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These are true power pants. Pair with a top or with a blouse. High rise trousers with a wide leg. The waistband has a few centimeters of elastic bandage on the sides. A hidden zipper on the back. 

Material: 100% wool crep.

Waist round: 
XS: 64 cm
S: 70 cm
M: 76 cm
L: 82 cm
XL: 88 cm

Trouser length:
Measured from the middle of the waist band (the slimmest part of your waist)
XS: 106
S: 107
M: 108
L: 109 
XL: 110


Shipping time 5-10 days.

Did you miss your size? Don't worry, Minna Paussu Design makes products for order (takes app. up to 20 days + delivery). Contact us at for more information. 

About the Brand

Minna Paussu Design is a Finnish designer based in Helsinki, Finland. MPD is all about timeless design and long lasting, natural materials. Production is locally made in Helsinki and partly in Estonia. Prints are designed in Finland and printed in the Netherlands and Italy. Fabrics are sourced mainly from Italy except wool crepe that is from Austria.