Ready to work hard -bag
Ready to work hard -bag
Ready to work hard -bag

Ready to work hard -bag

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Need a proper bag for your laptop, paperwork, thermomug.. and sneakers? Maybe a puppy? This mighty sack saves your day and fits it all. And no one will know how much stuff you're actually carrying with you..

Comes with two straps; short and long.

Material : Vegetable tanned leather

Size 37 x 32 x 12 cm

Details: One open pocket with metal zipper. 

Handmade in Estonia. 

Note! This bag is made to order and will be shipped in 2 to 6 weeks (black) or special colors (green or bordeaux) in up to 12 weeks .

About the Brand:

Stella Soomlais is a sustainable fashion brand that makes handmade leather bags. All their bags are marked with the name(s) of the artisan(s) who made it. Stella Soomlais is completely devoted to sustainable and transparent production and they also aim to have zero waste in production. Stella Soomlais signed up for 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment which means they take action in implementing design strategies for cyclability.

Sussla loves: 

If you have no use for your bag anymore for any reason (stain, function etc). you can return it to Stella Soomlais and they will give it a new life! And you even get  credit for it. Win-win!