About us

Follow your values, stay true to your style. 

Sussla is a multibrand marketplace for sustainable luxury fashion. We want you to enjoy fashion in a sustainable way. Sussla is committed to promote slow fashion: that is the ultimate opposite of fast fashion whereby ever changing trends and poor quality clothes are burdening our planet through overproduction and waste. We offer you long-lasting design, elegant look, simplicity and conscious-free shopping. We believe quality is better than quantity. We believe green is the new black.

Sussla works only with the designers that share our values and our mission to promote sustainable fashion. Close relationship with each designer / brand is important to us and transparency is at the core of our business. 

Join the Sussla movement and start building your sustainable wardrobe with us. We hope you enjoy the journey! 

Susanna xxx

Founder of Sussla.com




(Customer support in English and in Finnish /Asiakaspalvelu myös suomeksi)