Sustainability at Sussla

Sustainability and transparency is at the core of everything we do. That is why we work only with the brands that share the same mission with us. At Sussla sustainability means green fashion production practices and respect both for the people and the planet. Sustainable materials and manufacturing, waste management and local production are the key criteria that lead the way we work. A transparent production chain is important to us. At Sussla we promote brands that add weight to this issue.  

Sustainable fashion equals also longevity and good quality. Valuing good design means taking good care of the item when it is in use. But it also means the will to give it another life after it does not serve us anymore. Sussla is proud to work with brands that offer reuse- and fixing services. 

We Iive in a world where overconsumption is still a norm. But simply, we can't afford to mass production and throwaway culture anymore. It burdens our wardrobe but most importantly our planet. Less consumption means less waste. We strongly encourage our customers to choose quality over quantity.  With Sussla you can do it – without compromising style. 

Buy less, choose well, make it last (– Vivienne Westwood)